It should be impossible

By Real Real Zionist
December 10, 2011

It is virtually impossible for someone to be killed directly by the legal use of tear gas canisters. Yet, in the West Bank it is a fairly frequent occurance. This can only mean that they are being fired AT people from close range. Legal use consists of "arching" them, not using the projectors as guns.

In the whole of the 30 plus years of the troubles in Northern Ireland, there are no incidents of anyone being injured or killed by being HIT by a canister. Injured or killed by the canister shrapnel, yes....killed by the gas itself, yes....but hit by a canister, no, despite hundreds of thousands of canisters being fired.

But rest easy in your beds. The IOF are going to conduct yet another investigation.

No doubt the perpetrators will enjoy the benefit of Israeli exceptionalism. All occupations are brutal except this one.

No doubt that his family will be gratified that he was treated in an Israeli hospital.


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