Thoughts on the Palestinian vote in the UN

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
September 18, 2011

On 23rd September 2011, Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas will apply to the UN Security Council for full UN membership of a Palestinian State. What will be created is a virtual State, for the US will veto it at this stage and then the Palestinian Authority will get ‘observer status’ through an easy majority in the General Assembly.

Should a stele be erected?

It seems inconceivable that this vote will not be a stepping-stone towards the establishment of a State of Palestine although the time-scale is then unclear. A clear majority of Jews and Israelis argue for a two-state solution. Four Israeli Prime Ministers have argued for it, all the leaders of the western world including most forcefully – and if this vote is forced, embarrassingly – Barack Obama have declared their belief that the creation of Palestine is the way forward. So why say ‘no’ now?

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