Seeking comfort...and a challenge after the riots

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
August 15, 2011

Rabbi Pete Tobias said on Monday night over social media networks whilst I was leading our commemorative service, “Tisha b'Av the anniversary of the destruction some 2500 plus years ago of when the Babylonians carried off the treasures from the burning Temple in Jerusalem; today the citizens of London take treasures from their modern day temples - sports goods & TVs from shops & supermarkets.”

Since then, we have been overloaded with imagery, sights, sounds and words through every media. First there was shock and the fear that the riots might spread to our own neighbourhoods or for someone who lived in an area reported as suffering from attacks. Next came the sense of outrage. For many it was of the wanton destruction of property but most especially of the livelihoods and in some instances lives of innocents. There was outrage at the utter lawlessness and disrespect of any authority. For others there was outrage at a broken society, with blame laid at every possible door.

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