Gangnam style: now I get it

By Orlando Radice
August 29, 2013

There was only one thing worse than watching the world become virally infected with a gormless South Korean dance, and that was discovering the world leaders, from Ban Ki-moon to Barack Obama, were also doing Gangnam Style for TV. There is something about copying a bad dance badly for the cameras that makes you look like personality failure, and that’s aside from the transparent attempt at making Joe public think you're alright.

But maybe, just maybe, I’ll re-evaluate. It emerged today that some IDF soldiers in Hebron were enticed into a Palestinian dance hall when they heard the Gangnam Style song. In they went, in full military gear, and partied – hard - with the Arabs. The men were suspended for ‘putting themselves at risk’ (isn’t that what real peace will have to involve?) - but let’s not take anything away from cross-cultural magic worked by Gangnam Style. I take everything back. Now, how does it go…?


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