The Deeply Insightful Natan Alterman

By Michael Gottlieb
September 25, 2011

Natan Alterman, one of Israel's all-time great poets and playwrights and among the spiritual guides for the Israeli Labor Zionist Movement, issued this chillingly accurate, concise and prescient warning, that is as true today as it was when he wrote it 41 years ago (translated from the original Hebrew):

"If indeed we (dare) admit to the existence of a Palestinian Arab nation, then it is not only the 'occupied territories' which will be considered to belong to the Palestinians, our presence in which will cause us only bloodshed until our inevitable withdrawal, but ALSO pre-Six Day War Israel will be thought of as a former Arab territory of such Palestinian Arab nation. Indeed, if we admit to the existence of a Palestinian Arab nation, it is hard to believe that even our just protests against terrorism, and our efforts to stimulate support from the nations of the world, will find a sympathetic ear".
(Natan Alterman, "The New Hobby" from "The Triple Cord", February 27th, 1970)

And this according to then-Defense Minister Shimon Peres (also translated):

"Arabs are cultivating separate Palestinian nationalism and the myth of the 'rights of return' for the Palestinian nation - in the territory of Israel and in its place. They do this not to solve the refugee problem, but to destroy the Israeli nationalism and to create a many times larger Jewish problem. Palestinian nationalism is intended to CANCEL THE EXISTENCE of Israel state and not to live side by side with her in peace. It is the most pointed expression for the lack of readiness of all Arab states to recognize the legitimate existence of the Jewish State." ("Tomorrow is Now", 1978, chap. "Peace and Security Infrastructure", pp.215-262)

These words were penned by the leading lights of the Israeli Left a generation ago. Since then, slowly but surely, the poisonous notion that the bogus "Palestinians" are somehow a nation, deserving of their own state on the Historic Jewish Land of Israel, seeped into the narrative and the psyche of the Israeli nation, and of the world. Arab lies and half-truths, assisted by the Israeli Left, went unchallenged, took root, became accepted as truth and today the entire world is convinced of the merit of these identity-thieving Arab interlopers!

Despite Alterman's warning, Israel foolishly bought into the Palestinian Myth and incredibly, made it the cornerstone of her foreign policy! Due to her leaders' myopia, lack of understanding and appeasement, she gradually deligitimized and discredited herself as she clung to the fantasy of peaceful co-existence with her sworn enemies. Ironically and as a result, Israel now finds herself all alone in the world.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Israel can and should stand up for her legitimate legal, moral, and historic rights to the land. She need not kow-tow to the Arabs who show her only ill-will. She need not take orders from Europe or even Uncle Sam. She should rear up on her hind legs and assert her rights to the land. The facts show that The State of Israel and the Jewish People alone are legally entitled to this land, at least that part up to the Jordan River. A two state solution will never work and cannot be in Israel's favor. Once a second Palestinian State is established (the first one being Jordan), it cannot be undone. Israel needs to preemptively annex Judea and Samaria now.

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