The eye of the beholder

By Melvyn Kohn
March 16, 2011

There are some nasty comments running around the Lower East Side against our tribe this week, as an art gallery, or porn shop, depending on your point of view, mine is much the latter, got some complaints from Miriam Katz, a teacher at the nearby Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem. "My students are innocent children and they walk by and shouldn't be exposed to this disgrace. This is pornography."
The images causing tsuris are nudes, some inflagrante delicto, in an exhibit titled "Pornucopia", with such works as "Young Girl on a Doll by Prudence Whittlesey, and "Hot and Bothered" by Kara Maria, along with Crap and S*&%" by Paul Brainard.
A far cry from the works of Bezalael, son of Uri, son of Hur...more like the works of Beelzebub.
The gallery owner claims this is not the woods of Maine, but New York...all the more reason to put up a curtain as was asked; the works are visible through the windows to all and sundry...the woods of Maine do not have as many people walking by each day to see this stuff; but how buys it?
Rebetzin Esther Horowitz spelled it out, and her comment ought to have sufficed as a review in the Village Voice..."It's disgusting. It's bad news." She runs a preschool at the Lutowisker Synagogue in the 'hood.
People who complain about porn images nowadays are regarded as old-fashioned and any Biblical wisdom scoffed at. Just ask Evo Morales, who got stick from the media when he asked that they not use so much sexual imagery in ads in his country, as it was not good for youngster to grow up with. He is right. And so are Katz and Horowitz. But so few people speak out.
And then we wonder why rape statistics are going up...


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