News from New York

By Melvyn Kohn
July 13, 2011

There is an empty Congressional seat being contested on Long Island, after Anthony Weiner had to resign for sending photos of his weiner around...odd situation, his wife is a Saudi, and works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...Weiner is pro-Israel. The Democrats seek to replace him with David Weprin, whilst the GOP wants to get Bob Turner in. Former mayor Ed Koch, a staunch Democrat and Israel supporter, wants the GOP man in - to send a message to Obama about his stance on Israel and the '67 border.
On the East Side, far from this election, a fire ravaged Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun on 85th Street. The building dated back to 1901. It is noted for being the place where Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism, before her marriage to Jared Kushner. The cause is unknown.
Downtown, another synagogue is hot - this one as the centre of young, cool Jews - the SoHo (south of Houston) Synagogue. "I though it was a club at first," attendee Yoni Zanger tells Stefanie Cohen of the New York Post..."there's a bouncer outside."
The rabbi is David Scheiner, in his early thirties. He and his wife Etsy wanted it to have that club or hotel lobby is working, with a congregation of 1,000.
The interior was designed by an Israeli, Dror Brenshetrit, who left brick walls and pipes exposed - so NY! Or maybe just how some shuls used to look back in the day in the Brooklyn shtetls. Yigal Azrouel has draped the Torah scrolls with metallic tafetta...there are no stained glass windows. Which, personally, I much prefer. But I am way over 30...
Old enough to vote, but not old enough to have fun.


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