Death of the nazi hunter Tuviah Friedman

By Melvyn Kohn
February 11, 2011

Tuviah Friedman passed away on 13 January in Haifa, at the age of 88. He was born in Rodam, Poland, where his entire immediate family, save his sister Bella, were killed in the Shoah. He swore revenge, much inspired by Asher Ben Natan (ne Arthur Pier), who exhorted: "Friedman, you must find Eichmann. I will say it to you again: You must find Eichmann."
And find him he did, many would say, though the Mossad were reluctant to credit him. Eichmann himself was conscious of Frieman's pursuit, and asked about him at the time of his arrest. The reward offered by Friedman was finally awarded to Lothar Hermann, a half-Jewish camp survivor, when Golda Meir paid him the sum of $10,000 in 1971.
Friedman went to lengths to capture nazis, especially those who were active in Rodam. He once dressed as an SS officer to find Konrad Buchmayer in a POW camp in 1945. He collaborated with Simon Weisenthal, and never gave up the chase, which did not always earn him respect in Israel; some wishing to forget were sometimes impatient with Friedman, and taunted him with calls of 'Herr Eichmann.'; his wife would plead with him to stop.
She and their son are dead, there are no known family members extant.


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