Buying in Bet Shemesh: Let the freier beware!

By Melchett Mike
April 17, 2012

I had to laugh just now, perusing The Jerusalem Post's Passover Real Estate supplement (passed down to me, JC-style, by my mother).

On page 10 of the magazine, Jerusalem and environs real estate agent Shelly Levine lists a 51-cottage project in Sheinfeld, Bet Shemesh (see as one of her "five best picks" in and around the capital, giving more than a little credence to my contention – in – that agents "will sell their own mothers to do a deal."

But the opinion of Levine, President of "savvy agency" Tivuch Shelly, is clearly held in high regard. "Not a day passes," she informs readers, "when real estate buyers or investors don't ask me, 'What's THE best place to buy now in Jerusalem?'"

And you will never guess who we discover, a mere 22 pages later, to be conducting "Exclusive sales" of the Bet Shemesh cottages . . . yes, it's our Shelly!

In describing Sheinfeld as "the internationally acclaimed pace-setting community . . . with full spiritual facilities," Levine must have had in mind "one-of-a-kind" scenes and neighbours – a mere stone's throw/spitting distance away from her project – like these:

Even if you still believe, however, that in Bet Shemesh you will find "top quality of life in a value-driven environment," I suggest that, when sitting down to talk money, you make the vendor watch this:

[In the Rosh Hashanah 5773 edition of Real Estate: Grad deals in Sderot! Only a few homes remaining.]

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