Netanyahu, peace, settlers and Iran



Fri, 07/22/2011 - 15:36

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Mathew I actually went to your link. As a settler I take exception to your describing settlers even a few of us as holding "ugly prejudice". We do not prevent Arabs living among us in peace as long as they recognise our right as Jews to settle the Land to which they constantly deny we have any connection. On the other hand the World including you Liberals say nary a word when Mr Abbas makes it plain that he will not tolerate a single Israeli in his State i.e that of all of the places in the World the cradle of Judaism must be free of Jews. I am sorry you express surprise at the thought that if the worst comes to the worst (and believe me and remove those rose coloured spectacles for just a moment, should a Palestinian State be established without the Arabs once and for all accepting the existence of a Jewish State and ackowledging that they have no further claims against Israel - which they obviously will not - peace will be just an illusion) then why should Jews fear to continue living in Judea and Samaria as they do today in Golders Green Hampstead Garden Suburb Prestwich and Stamford Hill etc. etc why is it such a novel idea Jews lived here all through the two thousand years we never had a State to call our own. Could it be that you do in fact recognise the deep seated hatred the Arabs have for us and that should any Jews be foolhardy enough to believe they can live peacibly in an Arab Palestinian State that would just be tantamount to them signing their own death warrants?


Fri, 07/22/2011 - 16:56

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Thank you.

"The sentence in question on my blog is: "I am not naive about the challenges posed by this article, but it's still a good reminder of the flexibility and imagination that can be applied to the Israel/Palestine situation when people set their minds to it, whatever ugly prejudices also remain (including among some of the settlers themselves)."

The blog post concerned was partly about an article in today's Economist:

That Economist article quotes one settler as saying: "The soldiers don’t maim enough Palestinians."

It quotes another settler (a twelve-year-old child) as saying: "When we see Arabs heading towards us we start shouting to get the army to shoo them away."

Such quotations appear to me to be evidence of the ugly prejudices that exist among some settlers.


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