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Wed, 08/01/2012 - 10:40

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“The Turks are currently not behaving in very helpful manner,” an Israeli diplomatic official told The Times of Israel this week.

This may have something to do with it:

Mavi Marmara
Autopsies performed in Turkey showed that eight of the nine killed had died of 9mm gunshot wounds, with one death from an unnamed atypical round. Five had gunshot wounds to the head and at least four were shot from both back and front. According to the UNHRC report, six were the victims of "summary executions", including two shot after they were severely injured.
Doğan was shot five times from less than 45 cm, in the face, in the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back.


Tue, 08/07/2012 - 12:07

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The terrorist affiliates who died on board the Mavi Mamara were of the same ideological mindset as the murderer who killed 5 Israeli tourists and a driver in Bulgaria last month .
The difference is that the terrorists on board the Mamara attempted to kill armed and trained soldiers rather than civilians . The soldiers used lethal force
only when it was apparent their lives were in danger .
As for the number of rounds fired . It's irrelevant . That is what they and any other specialist unit are trained to do . The Mamara terrorists died attempting to kill Jews .
There will be no apology for Ergodan for the death of Islamist terrorists .
Turkey should be held responsible for letting them on board in the first place and pay compensation to the soldiers and their families for trauma suffered .


Fri, 08/10/2012 - 18:00

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(why do information pieces like this have to be posted in other people's blogs?)

did turkey exclude israel from the recent Global Counterterrorism Forum inaugural meeting in istanbul?

globes (the israeli business newspaper) (10/6/2012) says yes A pro-Israeli source in Washington told "Globes" that Israel was excluded from the meeting because of fierce objections by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Israel tried hard to obtain an invitation to the meeting, and its exclusion, despite the tight US-Israeli intelligence ties, has greatly disappointed officials in Jerusalem.
The GCTF, one of the pillars of President Barack Obama's antiterrorism campaign, was established in September 2011. The White House calls the forum as a wise use of force against terrorism, and chose Turkey as the forum's joint chair, together with the US.

Republican politicians claim that, since one third of the GCTF's members are Muslim countries, the Obama administration is trying to deepen ties with the Muslim world at Israel's expense.

but the times of israel (11/6/2012) says no, quoting foreign ministry spokesman yigal palmor … “We did not plan on going to that meeting anyway. We will take part in working groups on different issues of this forum; that’s confirmed. We’re not estranged from that forum.”

the times however continues …

Turkey has since then blocked Israeli participation in several international events. Last week, the World Economic Forum held a “special meeting” on the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia in Istanbul. No Israeli officials were present, possibly because Erdogan, who partially funded the conference, demanded that they not be invited. Last month, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu vetoed Israel’s participation in a NATO summit of heads of state and government in Chicago. Then, too, an Israeli diplomatic official said: “We didn’t plan on attending the summit anyway.”
“The Turks are currently not behaving in very helpful manner,” an Israeli diplomatic official told The Times of Israel this week. “Erdogan is acting with irrational rage, threatening Israel wherever he can. Whenever there there is a possibility of Israelis and Turks meeting somewhere he tries to put obstacles in our way.”

so is obama letting turkey exclude israel from international events?

and, if so, would romney be any different?


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