Detention of child asylum seekers

By MatthewHarris
June 10, 2011

Martin Bright has written two extremely important and valuable articles about London Citizens in today's JC. I propose to return to that topic in more detail soon, as I have my own reflections on the points raised by Martin Bright, who is absolutely right about this. My one quibble is about an incidental detail of the story. One of the articles states, with regard to the detention of child asylum seekers, that: "(Nick) Clegg announced after the election last year that the policy would be scrapped. In fact, child detention has continued." Is that entirely right? I thought that child detention had indeed been scrapped, or at least so radically reformed as to now be acceptable:, with even the Refugee Council having given this a cautious welcome: A small point, but perhaps worth making, as this is something that I care about very deeply, as the grandchild of asylum seekers.



Fri, 06/10/2011 - 13:38

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The JC story concerned ( now says: "In fact, child detention has continued, although the government now plans to set up family-friendly "pre-departure accommodation" in a village near Gatwick Airport." Fair enough - that is a reasonable summary of what is happening.


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