A new Nakba

By Marian Lebor
June 20, 2011

In Syria, writes Salman Masalha in today's Haaretz, "another Arab Nakba is taking place before our eyes. This Nakba is the lot of the Syrian people. But this time, those behind the Nakba are not Zionists. They aren't Jews or French or godless British or Americans. Neither the Little Zionist Satan nor the Great American Satan is behind this Nakba. This time, the Satan is Arab, flesh of our flesh."

Will there be a new Nakba day next year to remember the human rights abuses the Syrians are currently perpetrating against their own people, and the refugees they are creating, to add to the Nakba and Naksa days that mark - year, after year - what the evil Zionists did to the Arabs?

Yeah, I bet there will be.

Here's the link:



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