One for the pulper

By Marcus Dysch
March 7, 2011

Clare Solomon had a busy winter – apologising for making apparently antisemitic remarks on Facebook, proposing herself as a leader of the student fees protests-cum-riots, and being mauled by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight in the wake of said riots.

The University of London Union President’s appearances in the media gained her notoriety, making her a hate figure in the blogosphere but elevating her to heroine status among the more militant sections of the student world.

Having somehow escaped the opprobrium that should have followed her Facebook comments (and having clung on to her ULU job), she is now back, this time purporting to be an author and editor.

Springtime – The New Student Rebellions is edited by Ms Solomon – who even managed to get herself thrown out of the Socialist Workers Party – and promises to be a “high-quality, high-speed response to the new student rebellions”.

Work started on the tome in December and all the proceeds will go to Gaza children’s charity, Palestine Connect.

A number of writers provide other chapters, including Jody McIntyre (who is now promoting himself as a ‘freelance journalist’, apparently). He contributes “My wheelchair is the beginning”.

Promotional material claims: “Springtime also comes from and looks at events on the ground: the demonstrations and the police tactics of kettling, cavalry charges and violent assault.”

Nothing about throwing fire extinguishers off the top of buildings I presume?

And what about the timing of the book’s release? “The launch of Springtime coincides with Clare Solomon’s re-election campaign as President of University of London Union.”

Fancy that.

Any student in their right mind will know exactly where to place their vote come election day.

They should consign the odious Ms Solomon, and her book, to the bargain bin of history.


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