Israel and Britain. Just good friends?

By Marcus Dysch
March 10, 2011

Unfortunately I missed this yesterday, but Ben Brogan had a fascinating piece in the Telegraph looking at Britain’s relationship with Israel.

As well as some interesting insight into the position of William Hague and the Foreign Office, Ben considers the delegitimisation campaign and the “perversion of the narrative”.

He concludes:

It seems that Mr Netanyahu is unlikely to visit the UK this year. And I am told that there are no plans for Mr Cameron to visit Israel. Yet it is more essential than ever that the relationship between the two countries be strengthened, rather than be allowed to weaken. For once, next year in Jerusalem is not good enough. The Prime Minister should find a reason to visit his friends and tell them, face to face, why our links are indestructible.

The entire piece should be a must-read.


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