New deaths in riots against Bahrain and Libya

By Anonymous
February 17, 2011

How can one but be stupefied at the lack of reaction of those who take arms anytime a rioter is killed in Bil'in (even when 'Palestinian' doctors are found incompetent)?
Isn't a man worth another one? Aren't these dead Barhainis and Lybians, who died in their fight to be liberated from their dictator, worth those who died for the right to choose their own dictator?

Why oh why do they apply such double standards and blame one death only when they can put that blame on Israel (even when it is demonstrably false)?

We are not speaking of one or two deaths in fact. Last news were talking about four deaths for each of the two countries.

Double standards are a sure sign of antisemitism.



Thu, 02/17/2011 - 09:26

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The anti-Semitic crowd don't care about Arab deaths unless there is an Israel link. To them Arabs are non-persons and political tools when it suits. It's disgusting and creepy.

jose (not verified)

Mon, 02/21/2011 - 17:10

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By the way the death toll in Libya has now reached 300. That is six times the toll that generated the outrcy for the notorious "Jenin Massacre" (a modern blood libel).
And Libya kills only civilians, not jihadists!

In a few weeks, the civilian death toll will reach that of the Cast Lead operation (civilian and terrorists). This death toll generated an outcry for 'genocide'.

I predict it will today be met by indifference and silence by the antisemites on these blogs.

You will be able to count them by the negative points. Please refrain from giving me positive points.


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