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  • Rick Santorum's Chanucah faux pas

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 10, 2012

    A new kosher conundrum in the will they / won't they rollercoaster of the Republican presidential hopefuls. Did Rick Santorum really mean to send Jewish voters a card with a quote from the New Testament on?

    Rick – he of the sweater vests and staunch Christian conservatism – was obviously hoping to shore up support from an unlikely corner when he sent the card last year (at least, I assume it was last year; getting the date of Chanucah wrong would have been an even bigger gaffe).

    But really, dude? Even for those who want all the religions of the world to work together (and Santorum doesn't really strike me as a happy-clappy interfaith kind of guy), this is pretty bizarre.

  • Harry, it's over to you

    Danny Caro
    Feb 9, 2012

    Who in their right mind would take the England job? One has to ask.

    In fact, it's the question a handful of respected managers in the game will have asked themselves this morning.

    Indeed very few people took to Fabio Capello because he wasn't English and didn't speak the lingo.

  • Should batmitzvah girls be called to the Torah?

    Simon Rocker
    Jan 23, 2012

    You may have read our story in Friday’s newspaper about a United Synagogue member asking the London Beth Din whether there are circumstances in which a woman could be called to the Torah.

    Here is a copy of the paper submitted to the Beth Din written by Dr Alexis Brassey of Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue in support of his case.

    An enquiry to the London Beth Din:

  • Sacks challenged over interfaith views

    Simon Rocker
    Jan 20, 2012

    A number of rabbis here have been talking about an article in the latest edition of Tradition, the American journal of Orthodox thought published by the mainstream Rabbinical Council of America.

    It is written by Alan Jotkowitz, who is director of the Jakobovits Centre for Medical Ethics at Ben Gurion University, and is a critique of the interfaith views of Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

    The author is an admirer of the Chief Rabbi whom he describes as “probably the world’s most foremost expositor of Jewish values and ethics”.