William Hague - You Cannot Be Serious!!

By Jonathan Hoffman
December 4, 2012

Yesterday the UK Foreign Office called in the Israeli Ambassador for a dressing-down after Foreign Secretary Hague condemned the Israeli announcement of plans for 3,000 more homes in the Disputed Territories and the intention to approve planning and zoning for the area of E1 (an area between Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim).

It seems that Hague’s unambiguous condemnation of Hamas for forcing Israel to embark on Defensive Pillar was too good to last - the FCO Arabists bayed for red meat and promptly got it.

Just who does Hague think he’s kidding?

Before the Palestinians played the UN card last week Israel warned that it would have consequences.


As Alan Dershowitz (and many others) has pointed out, the Palestinians’ move was an abrogation of the Oslo Accords which said that the final status of the Palestinian territories was to be decided in bilateral negotiations.

And did the Palestinians come to peace talks when Israel froze settlement building for ten months from November 2009? Not only did they not come, they refused even to recognise Israel.

It is the duplicity of the Palestinian leadership which undermines the peace process.

Far from being a 'provocation' (as some have termed it), Israel’s response was perfectly reasonable.

So was the decision to take this month's tranche of customs revenues,– which it collects on the PA's behalf and transfers monthly - and use it instead to pay off debts of the PA to the Israel Electric Corporation and other Israeli bodies.

And much of the media commentary on E1 was misinformed, suggesting that Israel’s plans would ‘cut in half’ the Disputed Territories. Fortunately CAMERA has exploded this myth:


No surprise - Yachad is propagating the "cut in half" lie:

I spoke about these issues on 'Any Answers' on Saturday. You can hear me on this link at 19:00:


(The segment on Israel starts at 16.10)



Tue, 12/04/2012 - 16:00

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The vote at the UN was 138 for and 9 against recognising Palestine as an independent state alongside Israel. The world recognized Israel and Palestine. The Palestinians recognise Israel. Israel's allies in Europe either supported the UN upgrade or, like Germany and the UK, remained 'neutral'.
The current government in Israel - which states that it supports a two state solution - ought then to respect the vote at the UN and see it as the best possible move towards a two state solution. The vote was a democratic vote and Israel claims to be a democracy. The alternative is obvious; apartheid, further isolation and increased criticism. What is the point of that?


Tue, 12/04/2012 - 16:10

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'far from being a 'provocation' (as some have termed it), Israel’s response was perfectly reasonable'

As some have termed it?
For example the Foreign Offices of France, the UK, the US, Sweden, Norway, The UN, the EU . . . . .

Jonathan - what should Israel do with the 2.5 million Palestinians once all hope is lost of independence?

Viv Hanshall

Tue, 12/04/2012 - 17:14

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There will simply be more of this -

The Public Services International (PSI) trade union congress in Durban - representing 20 million public service workers globally - has voted overwhelmingly to take action in support of Palestine.

Two resolutions were passed. The Congress supported the call for UN to recognise Palestine as an independent state, but also to campaign for disinvestment from companies ässociated with the occupation as well as engaged in illegal settlements and the separation wall.

The Congress condemned all breaches of international law including the occupation and the siege of Gaza.

The congress went on to support a call from South African unions to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

The World Congress was held in Durban on 27-30 November. The vote took place on Wednesday the 28th of August.

The PSI represents 20 million workers globally who deliver public services in 150 countries.


Wed, 12/05/2012 - 10:25

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Was bongani Mosuku behind this resolution as well .


Wed, 12/05/2012 - 10:59

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Israel s response was not unexpected .
The PA went to the UN in order to bypass direct and unconditional negotiations with Israel .
These negotiations would include finding a solution to previously intractable positions relating to the status of Jerusalem , Palestinian demand for RoR to pre 67 borders , non recognition of Israel as an independent nation state , only an acknowledgement of its existence .
That's before we come to Hamas who reject Israels existence pre 67 ie from their charter
' Israel exists and continues to exist until Islam obliterates it '
In the event that a Palestinian state were to be created , it will be Hamas and not the PA that has the say in the West Bank .

By logical extension , were the PA to succeed in forming a Palestinian state without final status negotiations with Israel , then in theory they would be able to implement all of the above without recourse to Israel .

A Palestinian state cannot come into being without both parties entering into full and frank final status negotiations with both sides willing to make difficult concessions and compromises .

Bypassing Israel and going to the UN is a hollow victory . It will not lead to a Palestinian state .
Israel will in all likelihood annex Area C and East Jerusalem . This is also not a solution .

The only solution is through direct negotiation and compromise on the part of both Palestinian and Israeli decision makers .


Wed, 12/05/2012 - 13:33

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The actual view from Israel:

Hamas et al fire thousands of rockets at Israeli citizens - The nations of world cluck cluck but do absolutely nothing
Israel finally does what it should have done - the nations of the world go into apoplexy and convene the UN to censure Israel

The PA goes to the UN and in flagrant breach of all signed agreements with Israel seeks unilateral recognition prior to final status negotiations - the nations of the world including member of the Quartet who guaranteed performance of the obligations of those agreements do absolutely nothing to forestall this and some actually support this irreversible and fundamental breach.
Israel in response to this provocation and breach both of treaty and faith announces an intention (which will in event take not less than two years to commence implementation and accordingly is reversible and which is not prohibited under signed agreements with the Palestinians) to build 3000 new homes within existing settlement boundaries and on state land and the nations of the world go into apoplexy and threaten to chop off Israel's legs after removing its lungs and liver.

It is not so much fury in Israel as just plain disgust that the world has accepted the flawed myth of the dispossession by the Jews of lands purportedly owned by a Palestinian nation and the reinforcement of the view that the countries of Europe facing a burgeoning Muslim population have totally sold out for what they perceive will be a peaceful life - good luck with that we on the other hand will take such action that we consider protects our vital interests.

And Harvey since you promote the two state solution if as they say the Palestinians will accept a state based on the 1949 Armistice lines pray tell why do they insist that millions of their citizens in addition have to be citizens of my state too? Isn't time for a bit of realism and that peace should be given in return for peace and once that is achieved we can talk about what "rights" the Palestinians should be given to set up a state on land which never belonged to them as a people. If agreements are based on the truth such as acknowledging the Jews' historical and cultural ties to this land for a start and not lies and myths then there is more likelihood of them standing the test of time.


Wed, 12/05/2012 - 16:19

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It's the same old story from the PA. They'll only be happy when there's no Israel. Any demand for them to live in Israel is just a red herring. The world accepts the myth of Jewish confiscation of the land of a so called Palestinian nation because it soothes any residual guilt over the Jewish Holocaust.


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