What happened inside Middlesex University's Closed Doors ...

By Jonathan Hoffman
March 6, 2013


On Tuesday 5 February Middlesex University hosted a meeting with three speakers notorious for animosity towards Israel and association with antisemites. The meeting was closed to concerned members of the public. An account of what happened has found its way into my hands. Reading the tirade of antisemitism - including Booth's revolting slanders that Israelis glorify in Palestinian deaths and loot the bodies of dead Palestinians - it's no wonder that the University Vice Chancellor Prof Michael Driscoll was so anxious to keep the meeting secret.


As Mark Gardner of the CST says in the Jewish Telegraph:

Middlesex University appear to think they have something to hide regarding this meeting. If that is the case, then it should have been cancelled.

John Rees:

“What Israel represents? Uniquely founded on driven by terror from homes, land to found that state”
“State depends of dispossession of hundreds and thousands of Palestinians. Taken place in every decade of its existence. It drives Palestinians from their land. Which is theirs by right. It’s a stolen state on stolen land, other people belongings”
“Making it illegal and illegitimate, in its current form”
“Biggest recipient of military & civilian aid. Can by US military aid to use weapons and armaments. This is a REALLY a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP”
“Israel would not exist without USA”
“Exclusions and oppression of Palestinian people”
“USA is using Israel not to just suppress Palestinians, it's about suppressing the entire ARAB world”
“Israel is founded on stolen land, driven by terror this founded the state of Israel….and this is the case to hundreds of thousands of people”
“Israel relies on illegal occupation, this is justice enough to destroy Israel”
“This state exists on stolen land, It's illegal and illegitimate to exist, this is justice enough to destroy Israel…”
“State of Israel – special relationship with USA – state is police dog”
“Israeli state has broken more UN resolutions than Sadam Hussein’s Iraq”
“We exist on this side; they….Zionists exist on the other”
“Many Jews dislike the state of Israel, as much as they dislike the Palestinians”
“The [Jewish] state exist to hold down people in the region. Quote from William Hague: There is a cold war in the Middle East. Our allies are Israel, the UK, USA and the opposition Iran, Hammas”
“There will never be freedom or justice whilst Israel exists”
“The Israeli government is addicted to power.…..We must remove the state”
“Israeli State is based on Apartheid. We should replace it as it was with Jews, Muslims and Christians living together, not as tools of imperialist states”

Asghar Bukhari:

Read his speech. He was highly offensive to Muslims, strangely. A number in the audience commented on this. His case was Muslims are not doing enough to fight Zionist [jewish] infiltration.
“We must stand up and fight” [against Jewish, Zionist infiltration]

Lauren Booth

[In response to a pro-Israel protester outside the room shouting "Shame On You"]: “You haven’t even heard it yet, its going to be much better then the destruction of Israel…..”
“We must force it [Israel] to cease to exist, in its current form”
“Gaza is a concentration camp, Israel is promoting ethnic cleansing”
“We are fighting an information block, if they knew the whole world would march there [Israel] tomorrow”
She told unsubstantiated stories of a list of teenage boys claiming that unprovoked, they had been shot with multiple wounds by the IDF
“Settlers, Europeans, French, Russians, Americans, British with a monetary incentive settle In Palestinian fields. Not happy enough with that, Israelis destroy tents, Israelis destroy Palestinian houses”
“Palestinian children are abused, [sexual insinuation], as young as 12 years are interrogated [torture insinuation] around 5-700 per year are put in prison for no reason”
“Make no mistake, he knows, he doesn’t care, they [Jews] approve of these deaths. They [Jews] like it this way; they [Jews] want it to stay that way”
She explained about "Gaza Flu": “things dropped by Israel, clogs their throat, sinusess and it makes the children sick [she insinuates biochemical warfare] the children produce green snot”
“Israelis support deaths, they like it, and they want it to stay that way”
“they go in with tanks, they shoot, they shoot those that leave and then they LOOT THE DEAD BODIES”
“Israeli officers beat women, officers told her to strip off her clothes in front of interrogators, when she refused, they beat her“
“child prisoners are blindfolded, and abused”

How shocking that such extremist brainwashing can be allowed to happen at a British university - and doubly shocking that it can be allowed to happen behind closed doors.....
UPDATE 1: Required reading for Prof Driscoll:



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