Welcome Tsipi Livni to London today!

By Jonathan Hoffman
October 5, 2011

Tzipi Livni is visiting UK Ministers in London today (Thursday 6th). You may have heard her on Radio 4 at 7:35am.

This is a highly symbolic visit as it is the first visit by a senior Israeli politician since the anomaly in the Universal Jurisdiction procedure was corrected by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (the anomaly previously allowed private citizens to achieve an arrest even if the grounds were specious. The existence of the anomaly has previously prevented Livni, and other Israeli politicians, from coming to London for fear of arrest).

The Forces of Darkness aka the PSC (who exploited the anomaly to the full, advised by lawyer and Finkler Jew Daniel Machover) have called a demonstration for 5pm today outside Downing Street. They are saying to their mailing list members

Come and protest against her visit and call for an arrest warrant to be issued against her.

Let's show that there are many more Londoners who welcome Tzipi Livni than are numbered in the Forces of Darkness --- who refuse to accept Israel's right to defend itself .... or even to exist ....

Please come with Israeli flags. 5pm today (Thursday 6th October) outside Downing Street.


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