Pears and Forward Thinking: Letter sent to JC but not published

By Jonathan Hoffman
May 20, 2011

In exposing the Pears Foundation’s funding of Forward Thinking, a group which promotes Hamas and has hosted a Jihadi, you have done a great public service. The Director of Forward Thinking, Oliver McTernan, thinks nothing of sharing a platform with Daud Abdullah who heads MEMO, a pro-Hamas media watch organisation which regularly gives space to Khalid Amaryeh, a contributer who uses the racist epithet “kike”.

Despite being among the most important funders of Jewish activity in the UK , Pears publishes hardly any specific information about who it funds and its funding decisions are concentrated unhealthily in the hands of one person. Its corporate governance procedures are severely lacking by comparison with analogues such as the Rothschild Foundation.

Some months ago I approached Pears for funding for an excellent project to teach sixth formers the truth about the Middle East, countering the influence of the PSC and CAABU, both of whom are in schools. To my surprise, the request met with zero interest. Thanks to your exposé, I now know where I went wrong: I neglected to voice support for dialogue with genocidal terrorists who seek the eradication of the Jewish people.



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