Passing the blame

By Joe Millis
March 31, 2011

Here, with a hat tip to Richard Millett is how the Syrian Ambassador to the UK, Sami Khiyami, on Newsnight with Paxman blamed the uprising in his country on the Israelis.

It was an almost comic exchange on BBC’s Newsnight (the exchange begins at 17 minutes) last night when Jeremy Paxman interviewed Sami Khiyami, the Syrian Ambassador to the UK, over who was behind the plot to destabilise Syria.

It went like this:

“Ambassador: Syria is not a one party state, it is not a one family state. It is the nicest and most beautiful state in the Middle East.

Paxo: Ok, now you’ve got that off your chest, tell us about this plot, who’s behind it?

Amb.: I think all those who thought Syria is at a time when it will cash in on the result of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. The changes that occured in the Arab world were about to help the Syrian position a lot towards Israel and the expansionist policies of Israel.

Paxo.: Basically, it’s the Israelis behind it, is it?

Amb.: I’m sorry?

Paxo.: Is it the Israelis behind it, is that what you’re saying?

Amb.: Well, the Israelis could be behind it. They could be behind any bad thing in the world.”

As ever, Paxman looked in on disbelief.

There was a bit more that went something like this:

Paxo: “Don’t you think it’s time to stop torture?”
Khiyami: “To Israel?”
Paxo: “No, I’m talking about your own country!”

Not me, guv
It's always someone else's fault.


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