Go ahead, annex the West Bank (and Gaza). Make Hamas's day

By Joe Millis
August 17, 2011

Someone who hides behind a pseudonym and claims to be a settler, seems to support the Hamas view that there should be only one political entity between the River and the Sea.
No doubt Israel has enough lorries and buses to transport the 5.7 million Palestinians in that area beyond the River Jordan. Otherwise, that person must be hoping for a Jewish-run apartheid state.
But the Palestinians aren't gonna fall for either expulsion (even in the guise of "voluntary transfer") or apartheid. They'll just stick in there, practising Sumud (being steadfast) and demand (and get) equal rights with the Jewish minority that remains.
I suppose that's what Danny Danone and the other one-staters and assorted messianic zealots and their fascist foreign friends want. They never supported a Jewish and democratic Israel anyway, so why should we be surprised? They've always gone for ethnic and religious superiority.


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