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Windmills of My Mind Exhibition

By Joanna Gilbert, October 6, 2010

All 12 paintings for the exhibition are complete and varnished. With 2 weeks to go, invites gone out and RSVPs coming back there is not much more I can do apart from wait!

The exhibition will be held in the beautiful atrium of the Hodge Jones & Allen LLP office during the week of the 18th October – 22nd October. The opening night is open to the public so if you like art or know of any sad looking empty walls then please come and join us for a drink!


Ms Invincible

By Joanna Gilbert, August 2, 2010

August and its work work work. It has been an amazingly satisfying month (or three). I am kind of feeling invincible at the moment. I know that seems very super hero but it is true. Sometimes in life you get these moments when you are just on a buzz and everything you do is exciting so you 200% immerse yourself in it until you cant breath. But, you love it!

Know what I mean?

Hmmm, well put it this way, I love the fact that I am cramming in 50 hours work in each day. Like the wonderful Tanya Rennick from The Oyster Club said - you have 9 meetings already and its only 11am.


Art Star Joanna Gilbert and Halo Records are in tune for new Album release this Summer

By Joanna Gilbert, March 31, 2010

Art and music are inextricably linked. Both are expressions of more than the surface and both are about evoking feeling from the viewer or the listener. London contemporary artist Joanna Gilbert, is using this link to her advantage with a new project from Halo Records. She has been invited to provide the art design for a CD single and the video for, ‘Hellmand’, the debut single from new album ‘Paradox’.


Original Art for Original Interiors

By Joanna Gilbert, March 2, 2010

After a really busy January, February seemed quite chilled in a ‘hands on brushes’ kinda way.

I created a concept for Duncan Bannantyne and James Caan which will be shown to them in mid march – so expect some pics of my paintings shortly.

I also attended a great Art Workshop held by an amazing artist called Pip Seymour who taught me about various techniques I can use on my paintings to add more texture and life.


No January Blues for rising artist Joanna Gilbert

By Joanna Gilbert, February 22, 2010

January 31/1/2010


So here we are… 1 month into 2010 and I feel I should keep you all up to date with the latest very exciting news.

This month I painted another two ‘Painting Peace’ pictures – one was for Alan Rubenstein, the Managing Director of the JC (thank g-d I only found this out after as I would have been on schpilkas whilst painting it!) and another was for my dear friend Miri, who was so overcome with emotion when she saw the Original that I promised her one.