Meet the JC reporters on Twitter

By Jessica Elgot
July 3, 2009

We're all getting involved in Twittering and it's made a huge difference to our stories over the past week.

It's helped us identify the Centre Court Jew who we spotted watching Murray this week.

And when we sent out a plea for pictures of the Hendon explosion, twitterer Shimmy Ohana (@shimmyohana) came to our rescue.

So here's the JC staff now on twitter. Follow them for news, wit, vigour and charm from direct from Furnival Street.

Editor: Stephen Pollard @stephenpollard
Travel Editor: Jan Shure @janshure
Sports Editor: Danny Caro @djcaro
Business Editor: Candice Krieger @candicekrieger
Diary Editor and Food Editor: Simon Round @SimonRound_JC
News Reporters: Marcus Dysch @MarcusDysch_JC and Robyn Rosen @robynrosen and Jessica Elgot @jessicaelgot
Web reporter: Jennifer Lipman @jenlipman
Feature writer: Alex Kasriel @akasriel
Web developer: Chris Burton @chrisburton_JC

And of course, there's our official Twitter @JewishChron


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