Bat Mitzvah nose jobs - according to the Daily Mail

By Jessica Elgot
June 8, 2012
Proud of her "Jewish nose"? Lea Michele

Proud of her "Jewish nose"? Lea Michele

Apparently my nose is newsworthy this morning. As a woman with a natural "Jewish" nose, I am pleased to report, I am part of a new phenomenon.

The headline of the article by Victoria Wellman was "Young, Jewish and beautiful: Nose jobs decline as rhinoplasty's biggest fans no longer fear their defining feature". Apparently, we Jewish women who have longed dreamed of the cute button nose are learning to embrace our hook-nosed honks. Or something to that effect.

The line comes from a cosmetic surgeon, once the darling of "young, affluent Jewish girls", who was quoted in a Tablet magazine article.

“It was like a rite of passage, and it’s not that any more,” said Babak Azizzadeh, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, who says he no longer sees Jewish parents pushing their teenage children to get rhinoplasty the way they used to.

The article goes on: "As our ideals of beauty move away from the fair-skinned, petite features of Anglo-Saxon physiognomy, the once popular scoop-bridged, upturned nose has become less of a standard. Today's stars and taste-makers are ethnically diverse and women are encouraged to value the features that make them stand out from the pack."

Thanks guys, good to know I have your approval.

Shockingly, Wellman's piece also asserts "rhinoplasty was once a customary rite of passage around bat mitzvah time."

We can't kid ourselves, we know girls who have had nosejobs. We know people still insecure about the size of their features. Hell, I'm still not keen on photos taken of me in profile. But I'm pretty sure I've never known someone get a nose job AGED 12?


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