Join the tango aficionadoes at St. Johns Wood Liberal Synagogue

By Jennik
March 9, 2011

I am so excited about bringing tango to St. Johns Wood on Thursday nights, and thrilled Rabbi Alex Wright
invited me. She saw my class at Upper Berkeley Street shul hall, where we started Simply Dancing Partners,
and asked us to bring tango to her own hall, starting on March 10.

The great thing about this class is that no-one will have to be a wallflower, since Simply Dancing Partners
is unique in teaching in the Strictly style, with trained partners to bring novices on and help them get the
maximum enjoyment out of the dance. After all, tango is a sensuous expression of the passion between a man
and a woman - you don't want to do it as two women dancing round their handbags! And at my class, you won't have to. More details at - and please contact me if you're a tango whiz who would like
to make some extra money as a professional partner.


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