When George Clooney met a rabbi...

By Jennifer Lipman
March 22, 2012

When we think of Hollywood, we think of bright lights, red carpets, emotional speeches and fast-talking agents. We think of sparkly dresses and glamour, of put-upon-screenwriters and waiters waiting for their big breaks. We don't really tend to think of rabbis.

But perhaps we should. Because, despite sounding like a contender for the "film pitch that is least likely to see the light of day award", have you heard the one about George Clooney and Rabbi Steve Gutow?

Gorgeous George and Rabbi Gutow were among the motley crew of politicians and activists who were arrested last week during a demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy.

Now, fresh from his experience of sharing a cell with George, rabbi Gutow has blogged about the experience:

"What I think surprised us was that the police were not particularly gentle with us and that we were going to be together for hours in this hell hole of a jail cell where the only place to urinate was in almost plain sight.

"We did what boys, men (not much difference when you are in a jail cell) do. We told stories and jokes and just got along quite well. It was fun. George Clooney's very impressive dad, Nick, a journalist from Kentucky, was probably the classiest guy in the room."

You can read the whole thing here. And who knows, perhaps, coming to a screen near you, a comedy retelling, with Brad Pitt playing Rabbi Gutow.


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