Seth Cohen, still the same after all these Chismukkahs

By Jennifer Lipman
April 5, 2012

If someone (me?) was ever to rank television's greatest Jewish characters, my vote might go Seth Cohen, the geeky, Jew-fro-sporting, wisecrack-making son of Kirsten and Sandy in the pop culture phenomenon that was The OC.

Josh Schwartz's drama series might have centred on the lives of the rich and fabulous in Southern California, but at the heart of the affair was an idealistic Jewish lawyer from the Bronx and his son.

Adam Brody, the actor who brought Seth to life for four seasons, has been out of the spotlight since the series wrapped. But according to New York Magazine, he's back. In an interview with him this week, there was a gem that could have come from the mouth of Seth himself.

His latest film is set on America's East Coast. How did a San Diego-born actor cope with that?

"You know, I just don’t say 'dude' and I don’t say 'you know' and it sort of takes care of itself. My parents are from Detroit, which I guess is the Midwest. They’re Jews...It gives you an East Coast feel. You get a little more neurosis, perhaps."

Spoken like the true inventor of Chrismukkah.


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