Foreskin Man: the movie

By Jennifer Lipman
June 30, 2011

The comic book into movie formula has become a tried and tested staple of summer cinema. But who would play the mohel-hunting superhero Foreskin Man in a big screen adaptation?

That chiselled face, that blonde hair, those blue eyes. Perhaps Brad Pitt could take on the role of the ultimate American hero? Or Ryan Reynolds, after he hangs up his Green Lantern costume? Or what about Leo?

But we're in luck. Foreskin Man creator Matthew Hess has revealed exactly who he'd choose to play his eponymous character.

He tells Heeb: "If Heath Ledger were still alive I think he would have been perfect for the role. For sure it would be a different type of character for him, but he had all of the important traits."

Glad you've cleared that up, Matt.

Mr Hess also deals with another burning question about his comic book; the hero's Aryan looks.

He explains: "Foreskin Man and his alter ego Miles Hastwick are reflective of my own German heritage, and I make no apologies for that."

Yes, that'll help.


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