Don't stop leaning: Glee's Pesach connection

By Jennifer Lipman
April 13, 2011

For years, we had Ross and Monica Geller, then Josh Lyman and Toby Ziegler and of course the Sandy and Seth Cohen double act. But in recent years, there have been very few.

I'm talking about Jewish characters on the small screen. Years after the demises of Friends, The OC and of corse The West Wing, television watchers remained without a credible "Jewish hero or heroine to get behind. And no, the cast of Friday Night Dinner and Grandma's House don't count.

So when Glee launched last year, it marked a turning point. Rachel Berry, a proud Jew who even, in one memorable episode, dated rudeboy Jew Noah Puckerman. Awkward humour, annual Simchat Torah screenings of Schindler's List, Neil Diamond Songs. Jewish TV quota, check.

But in case there was still any doubt, the Forward has found even more evidence of Jewish forces at play in the Glee universe. Apparently, the Four Sons from the Pesach seder were students at McKinley High.

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In case you were wondering - as I'm sure you were - which of the four sons was Justin Bieber, JPost has the answer.


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