Ahmadinejad's Google Earth nightmare

By Jennifer Lipman
December 1, 2010


Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when Ahmadinejad last looked at Google Earth.

There he must have been, going about his daily business – nuclear development, check, threats against Zionism and the Western world, check, attack on psychic sea creature, check – then suddenly...what’s this I see on Google Earth?

It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be. But, wait. It is. It really is.

(I’m now imagining him as a cartoon character in the throes of an apoplectic fit, eyes popping out their sockets).

It’s only a Jewish STAR OF DAVID decorating the roof of Teheran airport.

The building was constructed before 1979’s Islamic Revolution, when relations between Israel and Iran were somewhat warmer than the deep arctic freeze of today. Israeli engineers worked on the building; this was probably just their idea of a friendly parting gift.

After the Google Earth image came to their attention, Iranian officials reacted with exactly the sort of panic one would expect from the regime. According to JPost “government officials called for the immediate removal of the apparently offensive Jewish symbol.”

No doubt it will be erased, and then the spot industrially scrubbed to rid the airport of any Zionist contamination. While it’s quite fun to think of planes taking off in view of a Star of David, it’s not such a loss – we sorta already knew that the Iranians don’t much like Israel or any of its accoutrements.

But still. The look on Ahmadinejad’s face must have been priceless.


zair (not verified)

Sat, 12/04/2010 - 02:19

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I think the the Iranians have the last laugh here. What do you think is being ejected from the structure on the right?


Mon, 12/20/2010 - 21:02

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Trust a dimbo like Zair to think that the Iranian regime comes out well from this story.
They are psychotic Nazis, just the sort that Zair loves and drools over.


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