A helpful Yiddish guide to phonehacking

By Jennifer Lipman
July 20, 2011

For all that Jews are supposed to control the media, the News International / hacking / News of the World / Brooks / Murdoch scandal has so far played out without much of a kosher angle. But never fear, it can still be interpreted with one. Over to Matthew Norman at the Indy:

"Andy Hayman is a schtick fleisch mit oigen (imbecile; literally, a lump of meat with eyes), James Murdoch a nebbish (sad loser), his father a schvuntz (there you must rely on innate feel for onomatopoeia), and Ms Brooks a rosher (dead naughty)."

Do you agree? Candidates for the shmucks and schmerils of the scandal so far in the comments below.


Joe Millis

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 14:44

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You are hacking mir a chainik (ask Jenni...)


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