Vidal Sassoon: What a nice man

By Jenni Frazer
May 9, 2012

Without a doubt, Vidal Sassoon, whose death has just been announced, was a really lovely guy. I interviewed him a few years ago and was astonished when Sassoon, rather than take refuge behind a usual retinue of "people" and hangers-on, made all the arrangements for the meeting himself, phoning me up, just like a regular human being. This was unusual behaviour for a celebrity, but Sassoon was unusual. A fierce anti-fascist and lifelong fighter against antisemitism, he didn't just talk the talk. He was a mensch who never forgot his roots. Baruch Dayan emet.



Fri, 05/18/2012 - 14:13

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A pity then that the BBC talk about him going to Palestine to fight in the Arab/israeli War but neglect to say on whose side he fought and that the war was for Israel's Independence.
His memory should be for a blessing!


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