A guide for the perplexed

By Jenni Frazer
December 12, 2011

This is for MPs and MEPS, of whatever party, who appear to be intellectually challenged.

1. If someone appears at a celebration, and sits next to you wearing full Nazi uniform, it's time to go home. Do not even think of posing for a picture. You will not look good. Early Day Motions will be tabled.

2. If you even think about making a comparison between the treatment of present-day Palestinians and either Holocaust behaviour or 19th century antisemitism, you need to lie down in a dark room for several days. You will not look good.

3. Do not blog citing Hitler in any way, shape or form. You will not look good.

4. Do not leap to condemn stupidities uttered by the famous if you aren't bothering to condemn blatant antisemitism on your own doorstep. You will not look good.

5. And finally, if you have done any or (horrors) all of the above, consider whether being in the public eye is the right place for you. After all, you want to look good, don't you?



Fri, 12/16/2011 - 16:13

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Aidan Burley's behaviour is shameful as an individual, let alone as an M.P. and as senior aide to the Transport Secretary, he should have known better. Even allowing for free flowing alcohol, I fail to see what is amusing about dressing up as a Nazi and spouting Nazi propaganda of 67 years ago?
The Nazis caused overwhelming trauma, pain and suffering directly and indirectly to millions of Jews as well as to the descendents of Holocaust survivors. What possibly can be amusing about that?
The Nazis inflicted torture and death on millions of non Jews who paid the price in Europe for hiding Jews or helping them escape. What possibly can be amusing about that?
I am amazed at Mr Burley's lack of knowledge and education surrounding these sensitive issues. If not 'mood altered' ignorance then how can he justify such senseless behaviour, particularly as an MP? He should have left the room immediately the charade became apparent.

I suggest he watches some films about the Holocaust and as he was in France, he could have spent his time more constructively by watching 'The Roundup' with Jean Reno about French Jews, particularly children, sent to death camps by French politicians and collaborators of the Nazi regime.
Perhaps it needs to be pointed out to Mr Burley in advance that this film is not a comedy.


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