Susanna gets an F in Economics

By Harvey
December 24, 2011

There are many factors which determine how a business wins new contracts . Veolia s trade with Israel is not one of them .
If of course you think it is , perhaps you can provide a joint statement from both the head of west London procurement department and the head of the council stating just that .
Actually I'll settle for just one of them . For every tender veolia misses out, on it wins another elsewhere . Now I realise the delusional narcissists comprising the bds psc etc believe they are responsible for the sun rising in the East each morning but you are seriously mistaken if you believe you are responsible .
The fact is I would have far more respect for your cause if you really had the courage of your convictions and divested from your software ,phones, tablets, pcs etc all of which run on Israeli technology . Then again how would you be able to organise your' little people' actions and more to the point the on going coup down at politburo head quarters .
Now back to that Econmics resit !


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