Obama's major dilemma

By Geoffrey Paul
May 20, 2011

“The key problem is this: American support to the Peace Process requires American public support to Israel.  American public support to Israel infers defense commitments directed against Arab states (and Iran).  Defense commitments directed against Arab states inherently undermine the construction of a new relationship with the Arab world.”

This, in the simplest of terms, defines President Obama's dilemma in facing up to the problems of the Middle East. It comes from the blog of an American who seems to know well the differences between Shias and Sunnis. I have found reading him enlightening often, infuriating frequently. You can read the whole of this and other of his blogs relevant to the US and the Middle East at this website:


Michael Gottlieb

Thu, 06/02/2011 - 14:13

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Israel must never give up control of the strategic Northern West Bank (Samaria).

See what a return to the '67 lines will mean for Israel:



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