1967 and all that

By Geoffrey Paul
July 17, 2011

s'funny how everybody got uptight in May when President Obama spoke of an Israel-Palestine peace agreement based on the 1967 boundaries with land swaps (presumably to take account of some current realities). Not a few Israeli – and other - commentators saw this as some kind of sell-out of the special American-Israeli relationship. But it was all said, and more, a year ago by Dan Shapiro, the National Security Council's advisor on the Middle East, when he addressed the Anti-Defamation League at its annual get-together in the United States. He has been a top advisor to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton on the Israel-Palestine peace process since the installation of the new Administration. Scarcely any “peace mission” to Israel in the last two or three years has not included him in its membership. Some believe him to be the real architect of American policy vis-a-vis the Israel-Palestine peace process. In which case Prime Minister Netanyahu - who knows him very well indeed, well enough to entertain him in his kitchen - is going to hear some tough talk (in Hebrew, a language in which he is fluent) from the new US Ambassador to Israel: Dan Shapiro.


Joe Millis

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 14:38

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So you honestly think that peace refusenik Bibi, with a Soviet-style Foreign Minister and messianic zealots dictating foreign and domestic policy, is going to take a blind bit of notice to someone speaking in Hebrew? After all, most Israelis and most diaspora Jews could tell him that any way, in any language.


Mon, 07/18/2011 - 16:21

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millis, your absurd reading of the situation is laughable. Netanyahu is a "peace refusnik" - I suppose the Hamas/Fatah pact isn't then?

And as for your comparison with the Soviets, why not go the whole hog and compare him to a Nazi?



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