Fix Yer Bike

By Emma Shrimsley JCC
May 4, 2011

Picture the scene...
You are riding along on your bike, the wind whipping through your hair (under your bicycle helmet of course), blue skies, all is well - until you ride over a nail and get a puncture.
Do you know what to do next? If your answer is... grumpily wheel it back home, then you need to go on the JCC's Fix Yer Bike - Bike Maintenance course on Sunday.
Whether you are cycling to get fit, preparing for the JCC London to Cambridge Bike Ride ( - still time to join) or just cycling for fun, it is impirtant to know what to do if things don't go to plan.
Join the JCC, Tzedek and Camden Public Safety on Sunday May 8, for an all-day bike maintenance course where you'll learn all about your bike, what tools you need to hand and how to use them.
It is from 10am-4pm at Lymington Road Residents Association Hall, 1 Dreseden CLose, London NW6 1XP. Price £15 - tickets online at or call 020 7431 9866. If you cannot do the whole day - half day rates are available.
At the end of the day you are welcome to join us at Alice House (283-285 West Lane, West Hampstead NW6 1RD) wher we'll be holding our London to Cambridge pre-ride Q&A to get all your questions about the ride answered.


Joe Millis

Thu, 05/05/2011 - 09:40

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