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El Al's pants deal

By Candice Krieger, August 5, 2009

Now I know that business is business, but I find this El Al deal slightly strange.



By Candice Krieger, July 30, 2009

So long Northern Line, I am getting myself one of these



What an Ace Pepper

By Candice Krieger, July 29, 2009

To you and me, they may look like ordinary peppers but don't be fooled. They are credited with claiming more vitamins than any other variety. Called the ACE pepper, they were discovered in Israel (of course) and are now being developed by Marks & Spencer in Waltham Cross, Essex, where they are grown without pesticides.


Let's all swear at Goldman's

By Candice Krieger, July 15, 2009

Forgive me for jumping on the Goldman Sachs-bashing bandwagon but quite frankly, it is too good an opportunity to pass up. The tune, I hear, goes something like this (please note these are not real names):

Shocked member of the public number one: "Can you believe that bankers at Goldman Sachs are on track for average pay packets of more than £475,000 this year after the investment bank reported record profits"
Flabbergasted member of the public number two: "Haven't they heard of the recession?!"


What an idiot

By Candice Krieger, July 15, 2009

Now I am no expert on drug smuggling but I reckon I could have done a better job than this woman:  

Oh, and just to be clear, I have no interest in drug smuggling.


Where's more expensive; London or Tel Aviv?

By Candice Krieger, July 7, 2009

London is the 16th most expensive city in the world to live in, according to the latest figures by consultants Mercer. While it has dropped 13 places from last year, it is still above Tel Aviv, but only just. The Israeli city is sitting just behind in 17th. Tokyo has knocked Mexico off the top spot. Must be all that sushi.

Here's the full list, courtesy of Mercer's survey: 

The top 50 most expensive cities


One for Sudoku Fans

By Candice Krieger, July 2, 2009

Earlier this year, I wrote about Israeli architect Eyal Amitzur who created a three-dimensional version of the popular puzzle Sudoku.


Simon and Sir Philip – a match made in money heaven

By Candice Krieger, June 24, 2009

So, Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green are set to take over the world with a multi-billion dollar international television business that they hope could become bigger than Disney.

The new TV production, talent management and merchandising company will reportedly be based in Los Angeles and London, and own all the rights and content of Mr Cowell’s hit show; Britain’s Got Talent, X factor and American Idol.

The move surprised the City today but surely it has been quite a while coming.


Israel breaks through the glass ceiling

By Candice Krieger, June 17, 2009

Israel is playing with the big boys. It has been upgraded to a developed-market status by Investment services firm MSCI Inc.

As of next May, Israel will be included in the
MSCI World Index, which includes most developed markets, and in the MSCI EAFE Index, which includes only Europe, Australasia and the Far East.


Goodbye Pret Tuna sandwich

By Candice Krieger, June 8, 2009

Far be it for me to question the ethical, and admirable, decision of one of the food industry’s most accomplished chiefs. But news over the weekend that Pret A Manger co-founder Julian Metcalfe’s is removing the chain’s tuna and cucumber sandwich from the shelves has, I admit, left me a little concerned.


Sir Alan - you're hired (nearly)

By Candice Krieger, June 5, 2009

It is hardly surprising that Sir Alan has been appointed Enterprise Tzar to Gordon Brown - albeit "unofficially" at the time of writing.

Come next week the Amstrad boss will have some spare time on his hands. His hit television show, the Apprentice, will be finished and he can leave his multi-million pound business in the capable hands of the series winners and his mini Sir Alans/Alanettes – assuming Kate wins that is.


When business practice goes too far

By Candice Krieger, May 28, 2009

What would happen if the stunts that vendors try to pull were attempted in real life situations?

The following makes amusing viewing for anyone in business - or on a budget.


Why I don't blame Sir Victor

By Candice Krieger, May 18, 2009

Sir Victor Blank's decision to step down as chairman of Lloyds Banking Group has apparently stunned the City. Really? Surely it's not that much of a surprise. Sir Victor has faced mounting pressure to step down since Lloyds - that conservatively-run bank known for its strong dividend payouts and risk controls - took over ailing HBOS in a rescue bid last September.


And now: Swine flu for iPhone

By Candice Krieger, May 6, 2009

Here's a great one for gadget lovers.


Next - the good news

By Candice Krieger, May 6, 2009

The high street has had little to cheer about of late. And so, it came as something of a surprise today when Simon Wolfson, the chief executive of Next, revealed impressive trading figures - better than expected by his own admission.
Sales for the 14 week period to 2 May 2009 were only down 2.3 per cent, ahead of the Group's -6 per to -9 per cent estimate. Yet the company is not getting carried away and said the figures need to be treated with caution, as they are flattered by a number of factors:


Swine Flu - don't say it!

By Candice Krieger, April 28, 2009

Israel's deputy health minister Yakov Litzman this week urged people to refer to ‘Swine flu' as "Mexican flu" for religious reasons.

Mr Litzman, of the ultra-religious United Torah Judaism party, said: "We will use the term Mexican flu in order not to have to pronounce the word swine,"

Blogger DovBear makes an interesting point:


Not all the Apprentices are 'pants'

By Candice Krieger, April 24, 2009

Sir Alan Sugar can breathe a sigh of relief. After Wednesday's episode of The Apprentice - during which the challenge was to create a marketing campaign and TV advert for a new cereal brand - he may have questioned the credibility of the aspiring apprentices. Team Ignite came up with the cereal "Wake Up Call" and their brand's cartoon character "Pants Man" - and advert - was justifiably ridiculed.


Budget Fun

By Candice Krieger, April 22, 2009

As Alistair Darling prepares to deliver his Budget speech to the nation later today (an unenviable task), the Daily Telegraph has an amusing piece to get us in the mood. It features some comical Budget facts - and calamities.


Israeli soldiers speak out

By Candice Krieger, March 30, 2009

The Israel Defense Forces have been heavily criticised over allegations of misconduct during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.
Yesterday, the soldiers had their say, launching a website to share their personal experiences of serving in the IDF and what it was like taking on Hamas in Gaza. It makes interesting viewing.
Calling themselves Soldiers Speak Out, the group provides video testimonies, highlighting the soldiers' personal accounts.