Rabbis against idolatry

By Ben F
October 14, 2011

Rabbis against idolatory


The most interesting bit, which is something that hadn't previously occurred to me, is where he says that the least safe place in the world for a modern Jew is the so called safe haven.

Is he saying that we Jews have misunderstood the nature of our exile? That it is not exile from a particular patch of mud and dust ( and now concrete ) but exile from God ?

Please don't tell me that God gives a flying whatsit about whether we type God with an o in the middle of it or an hyphen. That would be one weird G-d




I guess the point is that The State of Israel, especially what this state has become, does not equate to the Jewish people. The State of Israel is NOT the Jewish people. A Jew can demand that it radically changes its ways, even that it ceases to be, and these are legitimate positions. And if a Jew can demand these things then so can a Gentile without being anti semitic.


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