Open letter from the world..

By Ben F
September 19, 2011

Open letter from the world to Mr Abbas

Dear Mr Abbas,

We know that you perfectly understand what we are saying. We say these things in order to reassure you that we understand too.

You and we know that Israel will never willingly enter into a just settlement, and will have to be dragged screaming and scratching into such. This is doubly certain while it is controlled by the present apology for a government. Petitioning the UN along with a plan B of dissolving the PA is the only way forward. At last you and your colleagues have woken up and smelled the roses.

We know that you are not even remotely concerned about a US veto in the security council. The Americans cannot block recognition, only full membership of the UN, thereby making themselves look very silly and partisan since you are merely asking for a recognition of declared American policy. Full membership is not strictly necessary, it can come later. Palestine will be a UN recognised state, with all kinds of implications....jurisdiction of the ICJ over the territories and much, much more. Recognition is in the bank. And we hear that Bibi is coming to New York to hammer the final nail into the Israeli diplomatic coffin. You know that we know, that the American defence secretary, Robert Gates, speaks the truth when he says that Bibi is a bullshitter. A view apparently endorsed by Alistair Campell, and no one knows a bullshitter when he sees one than Alistair, having worked closely with the biggest one of all for thirteen years.

What sanctions do they have ? Money or the lack thereof ? The Americans won’t cut off funding, that would be a catastrophe for Israel. And even if they do, so what. Many have long argued that the PA’s smartest move would be to dissolve themselves. Israel would then have to do its own dirty work, and the two state solution would be buried forever. There would be one state between the river and the sea, with, after a massive anti apartheid campaign, full and equal rights for all including freedom of movement. The Jewish state would be finished.

You have them by the goolies. All you have to do is keep your nerve.

Yours sincerely

The World



Mon, 09/19/2011 - 14:00

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"Open letter from the world"

What sanctimoneous hyperbole!

Ben F

Mon, 09/19/2011 - 14:29

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See above


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