Never afraid

By Ben F
October 16, 2011

Bertrand Russell was never a man that was afraid to change his mind, in the light of experience.

“I have come gradually to see that, in a dangerous and largely hostile world, it is essential to Jews to have some country which is theirs, some region where they are not suspected aliens, some state which embodies what is distinctive in their culture.”
— Bertrand Russell........before the State of Israel was created

.....Bertrand Russell's last word on the topic after witnessing over 20 years of the reality and particularly two and a half years of Israel's illegal occupation of the territories

Particularly to the chase is his quoting of Stone's observation that the hundreds of thousands of refugees Israel deliberately created is " the moral millstone around the necks of world Jewry."

The return of all the stolen land and property to it's rightful owners or their rightful heirs is an essential prerequisite for real peace in the region.


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