corrections and right directions

By Ben F
October 10, 2011

Re ethnic cleansing

"The first to be relocated will be the approximately 2,400 Bedouin living in an area east of Jerusalem, which will make it easier for Israel to implement its plan to expand the settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim and other settlements to create contiguity of construction for Jews up to Jerusalem."

"From conversations with Israeli officials, international representatives concluded that the plan to forcefully relocate the Bedouin is based on the Civil Administration's assumption that the Oslo Accords intended Area C for Israeli settlements and military areas, and therefore the Bedouin should not be there."

"Area C, which today constitutes about 60 percent of West Bank land, is a geographic area created in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1995.IT WAS TO CEASE AS AN ADMINISTRATIVE AREA BY 1998." I guess when you are dealing with Israel nothing is more permanent than the temporary.

"According to the United Nations and the International Red Cross,( and we might add every country in the world ) in any case, the area is occupied territory, where the occupier has no right to settle its citizens and must also see to the welfare of the local population, and consult them on all changes."

Of course if the move were to be to a " better place " wouldn't the illegal Israeli settlers want this better place instead of the less good place they are deporting the Bedouin from ? Or maybe they are are feeling contrite and generous. And maybe Nicolas Mas is a big fan of the English.

Jonathan maybe you should stick to obscene homophobic rants in Monmouth Street and endlessly disgracing the Zionist Federation.

Happy to have been able to point you in the right direction.


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