YomKipTopTips - Top tips for the fast from the JC

By Anna Sheinman
September 25, 2012

The fast is never easy. To make it that bit more bearable, I’ve asked those bastions of Jewish knowledge – the JC staff – to share their top tips on how to make it through. Here’s what they came up with.

Jennifer Lipman, comment editor @JenLipman:
“Never wear a watch. All you’ll do is sit there looking at the time, it won’t help the 25 hours go faster!”

Gerald Jacobs, literary editor:
“Take a break, go home, get out a good book and read horizontally. It’s important that you’re horizontal.”

Cathy Forman, community editor:
“Never sit next to a hypochondriac in shul.”
“Also, we know a couple who sleep in and go to synagogue for 2pm, so they’ve only got 6 hours left.”

Simon Round, features writer (and former food editor) @simon_round:
“I’d recommend food with a low glycaemic index like barley, lentils and oats, for slow release energy, as well as protein to stop you feeling hungry. A chicken and lentil dahl with brown rice would be a perfect meal to start the fast. Eat as much as possible.”

Sharron Livingstone, travel editor:
“You’ve got to get into the spirit of the day. Think about what you’re doing, and meditate on where you are and where you want to be this time next year.”

Angela Kiverstein, supplements editor:
“We think of it as a marathon, so we have a big bowl of pasta with cheese sauce to start us off. It fills you up.”
“Also make sure whatever you eat doesn’t have too much salt, it will only make you thirsty.”

Zoe Winograd, reporter:
“Don’t drink coffee for a few days before, it will help with the headache.”

Danny Caro, sports editor @DjCaro:
“If you’ve got to make food for children, make it in advance.”
“I always like to go for a walk in the park and collect conkers.”

Jamie Masters, sports reporter @Masters_JamesD:
“Don’t think about the football results. It won’t make them come any faster.”

Sandy Rashty, reporter @SandyRashty:
“On your way, don’t walk down the high street, all the adverts for food are just too much to deal with.”

Jenni Frazer, news editor:
“Fast on meat, break on fish – isn’t that what everyone does?”

And finally, Marcus Dysch, reporter @MarcusDysch:
“Don’t make a fuss, just get on with it!”

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