10 things that could only happen at Limmud

By Anna Sheinman
December 25, 2012
Baroness Neuberger: "I'm a Jewish princess"

Baroness Neuberger: "I'm a Jewish princess"

1. One 20-something girl goes up to a 20-something guy in the cafeteria: “Sorry to bother you, I think you lead me on tour?”

2. Matisyahu, a rabbi and an artist hold an in-depth conversation at 1am about God’s sphincter muscle and ask – is it different from ours?

3. When asked how to confront anti-Zionism in the community, an MP responds, “Well, I would be happy to come and give a talk to whoever wants, come and get my number after this is over.”

4. The Greenbelt festival, a Christian festival of 20,000 people which has been held for 38 years is billed as “The Christian Limmud.”

5. A Muslim leader tells a rabbi he is on an interfaith panel with: “I think I want to join Rabbi Wittenberg’s congregation!”

6. Those considered celebrities for the purpose of a dance contest include a JC reporter.

7. The question “Are there any rabbis in the audience?” receives a loud cheer, from the audience.

8. Baroness Julia Neuberger tells an audience “I’m a North London Jewish princess” and the rest of the panel nod their heads.

9. Most people chairing debates don’t introduce themselves because they assume, for the most part correctly, that everybody already knows who they are.

10. You had forgotten that it’s Christmas.


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