Whats this then?

By Advis3r
December 4, 2011

What you have said

You called me and anther bloggers liars merely because it was pointed out that the definition says " could " not " is ".

That claim is plainly false I never have called you or any other bloggers a liar for that reason. You be aman and withdraw the accusation.

What you also said when the evidence is to the contrary and no claim has been made by Israel or serious researcher that:

"the 750,000 (that number is itself an exaggeration) Arabs that left what is now Israel at the time Israel declared its independence was on account of an appeal by the Arab governments for Arabs to temporarily evacuate the area, to which they could return when "the Jews have been driven into the sea "

The statement that Israel has made such a claim is therefore of itself a lie. I have provided sources which is Israel's position on the creation of the refugee problem and it is obvious that there were a number of contributory factors including a call to evacuate - which independent sources such as the Economist and the Times have verified. By making a falacious claim which has never been seriously made by Israel you again attempt to deligitimise the State of Israel.


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