What happened to innocent unless proved guilty?

By Advis3r
April 3, 2011

Although Israel did not officially cooperate with Goldstone, there was indirect cooperation in that Israel did not prevent the residents of Sderot from testifying before the mission. However, their testimony, as expected, was not included in the report.
By co-operating with the Goldstone Enquiry Israel would have lent legitimacy to an enquiry the terms of reference of which pronounced Israel guilty and just charged the committee with gathering "the evidence" for that guilt.
Israel has been totally vindicated by not having co-operated with this kangaroo court. Heaven forbid there should be a next time but if we are forced to to go into Gaza and take out the terrorists there resulting in a clamour by the hypocrites fascists and anti-Semites that populate the UNHRC for another board of enquiry hopefully the US Britain and the EU will not shirk their responsibilities and ensure that the terms of reference deem the accused innocent unless proven guilty not guilty unless proved innocent as Goldstone was was - if not Israel will again not co-operate.


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