Walinets - above his station

By Advis3r
November 30, 2011

"They feel just like us diaspora Jews; we all have every right - and duty - to criticise those of our brethren who do bad things in our name." You mean like having the chutzpa to try and stay alive? And who appointed you the arbiter of what is "bad"? When you live in Israel and experience what it is truly like to live in the midst of hostile nations - i.e.naked Jew hatred and not project your Western values on the cultural norms of the Middle East, where peace is not agred ove a cup of tea, then you can have what to say. Until then I consider your "criticism" to be so much bunkum because your views are educated by a media which in general is hostile even to Israel's existence and you live in a country where protest is controlled by the green red alliance - which means that when thousands are being killed in the towns of Syria instead of taking to the streets in protest as they do when an Israeli soldier so much looks at a Palestinian the wrong way they organise protests against the legal sale of Jewish produce an exercise in Jew hatred so reminiscent of the criminal actions of the Brown Shirt thugs in Germany in the 1930s.


Stanley Walinets

Thu, 12/01/2011 - 18:53

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Advis3r - there you go again, using your favourite trick of responding to something YOU SAY I've said, but doing it in a separate posting, so that anyone reading your complaint won't easily compare it with what I ACTUALLY said and its context.

If anyone would like to see what I did say, it appears on Nov 30th in Jonathan Hoffman's posting "Sir Robert Atkins MEP - Apologise Now for Antisemitic Language!"

And interestingly, that posting itself was another example of this clever Avis3r trick - Jonathan is responding to something he doesn't like, by posting his arguments away from the original he's complaining about.

So, Advis3r - I won't respond here to your distorting allegations shouted from the house next door - if you don't like what I've said, come to where I actually said it.


Fri, 12/02/2011 - 11:09

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Walinets I have explained to you many times before it is impossible to reply to you when the webmaster closes down comments for the day - you have to start a new thread - live with it.

Don't respond I am not forcing you to do anything - but sorry if I consider that this is just a way of dodging the issue. I only await a single posting by you praising Israel's achievements in the same way as you consistently zoom into what you perceive to be Israel's shortcomings and how inhumane we all are.

JC Webmaster

Fri, 12/02/2011 - 12:10

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