UN rights chief calls for 'urgent' measures on Syria

By Advis3r
December 2, 2011

That heading would be comical if the situation was not so tragic especially as on the same day Russia announces it has delivered anti-ship missiles to Syria so there is no hope of actual action to stop the slaughter from the UN security Council.
They are talking about 4000 fatalities - given the brutality an understatement if ever there was, something else to salve the Western European consciences. One needs little imagination however to know what would have been the reaction if heaven forefend Israel was in any involved.
So where is the Stop the War coalition? Where are the demonstrations in Trafalgar Square calling for support for the Syrian People in their struggle for freedom? Or is it that unless Israel is somehow involved the despots of the Middle East can kill and maim as many civilians as they like for all the red green alliance cares.


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